Digital Signage Outlook in 39 Words (+1 Acronym)

A week from right now, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo!  I’m really excited to go and see all of the advancements that have been made in the industry in the past year.  I was there last year and saw some great products and met some great people.  I expect this year’s event to be a positive evolution on all fronts.

I have been reading the DSE’s Q4 Quarterly Business Barometer, and it only enhances my excitement about next week, and in broader terms, the future of the industry.  If I were to give you my condensed recap, it would go something like this:

Digital Signage/DOOH is here to stay.  Despite the economic climate of the last year.  Despite the oversaturation of providers and networks (which have been consolidated, but more is needed).  Despite the lack of clarity in measurement.  Despite the lack of integration with media companies and agencies.  And despite the fact that most marketers misunderstand the capabilities of “digital signage.”  38 pages in 59 words + 1 acronym.  Not bad, eh?

My projection for 2010 is even shorter & simpler: 

We will continue to see digital signage in our environments around us.  This form of communicating (and connecting) will not go away.  Only the strong will survive, though.  And “digital” just means display technology.  “Interactive” will be the new “DOOH”.  (39 words + 1 acronym)

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