2nd (and last) Official Session of the Day: #40

This looks to be a cool session, even though it is in the last group of sessions for the conference.  By this time, most everyone has gone home.  Not me.  I’m looking forward to it:  Integrating Multi-Channel Strategies: A Roadmap for Digital Cross-Platform Success

There are only two speakers, but two interesting speakers.

Chris Borek from Target

Stephen Randall from LocaModa

Stephen up first…

First words out of his mouth – “Place-based social media.” 

He’s giving some really great one-liners.  In a split second of processing, they sound great anyway.

“If TV is being disrupted by the web, than TV outside is not a better proposition.”

“Media needs to be frictionless, networks need to be connected.”

Everybody is connected.  We get our information from the web.  Google.  Amazon.  We need to provide a continuum of that web experience.

Metcalfe’s Law – this is what they strive for with their work.  Connecting people across the “network” so they understand each other.  This is where you find true value.  Connecting to your audience is the challenge that most people don’t realize they’re failing at.  This cross-channel idea is an idea of connectedness.  If you don’t architect your roadmap of connectivity, you might get left behind.

If a screen is a digital version of a poster, then arguably it is no better than the poster. 

A “screen” should have a range of miles.  Have this by connecting content through a network.  Through a computer.  Through a mobile phone.

Every venue is like a website.  Every customer is someone interacting with your website.  So, the venue needs to think about what can I do with these customers?  How can I make it more engaging?

3 Fs:  Fun, fame, fortune – motivates people to interact.

Chris is up now…

Target.com – #3 most trafficked online retailer.  #28 most trafficked site.

Target has lots of assets, so they try to utilize them across as many channels as possible.

“Multi-channel is a conscious effort, not a tradeoff” – Target’s President.  She doesn’t think about one channel over another, she just thinks about Target.  She wants consistency and relevance.

When they think about social, they “take it to the next level.”  Word of mouth marketing.  They can be social media vessels.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Face to face interaction.  Doesn’t always have to be digital.

It’s about interacting with the customer on their (the customer’s) terms, on their schedule.  It’s not about being there all the time, it’s about being there when they need it. 

It’s not just content, it’s connection.

My thoughts – Clearly two very bright guys who have had success doing what they do.  The message throughout, from both guys, was connecting.  I love Target’s philosophy of  interacting with the customer when they need it, not all the time.  The thought is, “when I need X, Target is there.  How convenient.  I love that.”  It’s a good way to think about things.  This was easily the best session for tweetable nuggets. 

My question is – how do you blog, tweet, take photos, videos, meet people – everything that goes along with these things.  Balance, Mike, balance.  Remember.

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