Interactivity is all Around

I haven’t had a chance to stop by all of the booths on the showroom floor, but it is safe to say that interactivity is all around us.  Last year, my biggest observation was the lack of interactivity.  From both hardware and software providers.  Now, it doesn’t seem like there is a booth that doesn’t have an interactive solution.  On the surface, this is awesome.  I’m worried about over saturation.  I don’t know who does what better than the next company, so that’s going to be my task.

Initial photos:

This is the entrance to the tradeshow floor.  Cool stuff here, but no interactivity.  Each screen (and you’re not seeing 2 of them) shows something different and actually, relevant.  The vertical screen on the far right is a Tweet stream of #dse2010.

And this is the foursquare, Locamoda, digital signage integration that gained a lot of buzz before the conference.  Look at the top right hand corner,  from SalmonKangaroo3 (that was me??) – I was here.  But this is cool.  It lists the mayor of the Las Vegas Convention Center, # of check-ins and tips.  Truly integrated 11th Screen material.  “Digital” sign that allows you to interact with it via an enabling technology (mobile) phone and share it with like-minded individuals (social). 

Waiting on Keith Kelson, “father of the 5th Screen” now.  Hope he makes the session….

2 thoughts on “Interactivity is all Around

  1. eric u

    the 4square / locamoda mash-up image invokes so many thoughts and possibilities. thanks for the post.

  2. Mike Cearley Post author

    Thanks Eric. It will be interesting to see how many businesses/marketers get on board with this integration sooner rather than later. And the best thing – you don’t have to spend that much money on it :)

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