Keep It Simple Stupid

Simplicity, I’m finding, is really where it’s at.  Perhaps I’m more sensitive to it since I’m right in the middle of Excess City.  The solutions that are sticking out to me are the ones that require me to do very little while interacting, and give me the ability to share with others.  I walked the floor a number of times today and I was just so overwelmed by the barrage of touch technology, I didn’t interact with anything.  Outside of this environment, I’m sure I’d interact with all of the solutions.  I’ve got to keep that perspective tomorrow so I can interact with, what are probably many, effective solutions.

Those which I did interact with fell into 2 buckets:  (All are examples Interactive Out of Home (IOOH)

1.  Simple, usable, and effective

2.  Complicated, unusable, and frustrating

Example 1, falls in the 1st bucket:

Standard OOH made interactive through mobile enabling technology.  The only problem with this one is that it’s on the back of this brochure and the graphical callout that houses the Call-to-Action (CTA) doesn’t stand out (black on black).  So, it’s easy to miss.

Example 2, falls in the 1st bucket as well:

Digital OOH made interactive through mobile enabling technology.  Text photos, a message or even Tweets and they’ll end up on these screens for everyone to see.  I really like the engagement here.  All different.  All unique.  And most importantly, especially for me today, all easy.

Example 3, falls in the 2nd bucket:

DOOH made interactive through enabling touch technology.  I think wayfinding is one of the most logical, practical uses of touch technology, but ironically enough, I think it’s one of the most overly mis-executed solutions of touch technology.  This one lives up to my very low expectations.  I couldn’t figure it out, much less find my way anywhere.

I think it’s important to look at these examples through a cost/value lense, too.  The two effective examples, I believe provide great value for the cost.  The ineffective example, however, provides little to no value for the cost.  In fact, the cost heavily outweighs the value in my opinion. 

You feel me?  What are the most effective IOOH solutions you’ve seen and interacted with?

2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Stupid

  1. Daniel Shugrue

    With you on the KISS for Digital Signage and appreciate the shout out to mobile as a part of the “interactive” in interactive digital display. It is sometimes disheartening to see many ads, consultants, and vendors equate “interactive” with “Touch”. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Mobile interactivity, or interactivity through a cell phone, particularly text messaging, is easy to understand, easy to use, and ENGAGING for audiences from many walks of life.

  2. Mike Cearley Post author

    Agreed, Dan. I believe interactivity through mobile is going to be the next “thing” for digital signage. Thanks for the comment!

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