More People I Meet

I love meeting smart people. 

I believe completely in surrounding myself with smart people.  I am always looking to learn and I just get jazzed up when I find myself in situations where I can tell I’m learning.

Most recently, I sat around a table with 3 very smart guys from The Preset Group.  They are all strategists, specifically for digital/interactive out-of-home experiences.  Yesterday, in my Keith Kelsen blog post, I mentioned Best Buy and how they decided that to sell TVs, they shouldn’t show movie trailers, they should show pieces of the movie itself.  Anyone can watch a movie trailer anywhere, but they’re going to be watching the actual movie in their house, on this TV, so it makes sense to show them something meaningful and relevant to influence their decision.  The guy behind this Best Buy vision was Paul Flanigan, one of the guys from Preset.  The other 2 guys, Dave Haynes and David Weinfeld, are industry experts in their own right.  If you ever want top-notch OOH/DOOH/IOOH reading material, check this, or this, or this, or this.  These guys have a solid understanding of what makes a complete OOH experience with the incorporation of technology.  The future is in personalized, relevant, and meaningful content served up to people when they’re outside of their homes.  That can look a number of different ways.  It’s not just “digital” signage.  It’s not just in interactive signage.  It’s not just in mobile.  It’s pieces of everything.  And we can’t forget the social angle. 

We could have talked for hours.  Thanks for the talk, guys!

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