And We’re Off at Kioskcom..(Starting with a New Name)

So far, so good.  I’m digging the feel here, particularly around the sessions and the content that they are providing.  I’ve been to 3 back-to-back sessions all morning and have not had a chance to recap any of them.  (I still don’t understand why we don’t have wireless access in any of the sessions.  It sure would make it a lot easier.)

My general takeaway up to this point – this is much more geared to an agency audience.  There’s lots of talk about content and audience.  In fact, starting in November, this show will be renamed Customer Engagement Technology World.  As you can see in the logo, the emphasis is on “Customer Engagement,” which I find very refreshing.  I also like the fact that “Technology” is included because although not the primary emphasis, it is a vital element.

I get into conversations all the time of the importance of technology in this industry.  From a marketer’s standpoint, these are just “other channels” – the technology doesn’t “really matter.”  I can see that point and agree to an extent, but when the technology is so new and evolving rapidly, it can’t be treated as just “another channel.”  It has to be mentioned in the conversation and it has to be treated a little differently.  At least until marketers start to treat it like like the other channels – TV, radio, print, Internet, and to a lesser extent mobile.

This is a good show.  Much more to come soon!

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