Foursquare, Booyah, and AKQA Talk Location

I watched a good panel discussion last week from CAT in New York.  The panel talked about “Location,” specifically as it relates to mobile geo-location.  Members of the panel were from Foursquare, Booyah, and AKQA.  Interesting panel make-up, all with good perspectives.  The one thing missing from all of them – how mobile, specifically “location-based advertising,” fits into the larger brand marketing ecosystem.  The discussion was all around mobile as its own silo.  They all talked about how important it is for brands to create deeper, meaningful engagement with vs. “advertising” to their customers, which is definitely hitting on something larger than a single silo.  But they really weren’t purposeful about talking how effective their apps (Foursquare and MyTown) could be cross-channel, particularly with OOH (the “new” OOH is much more than a canvas to broadcast messages to masses).  All in all, though, it’s good to hear other perspectives and get a glimpse into how companies (providers and agencies) are thinking about location-based/behavioral targeting and advertising.  We need one of these on OOH!!  (The video is a little long ~20 minutes, but worth a listen!)  

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