Digital PR Summit – Quick Closing Thoughts

OK, shutting ‘er down for right now.  It’s been a long day and I see work emails piling up so I’ve got to spend some time addressing those.

The last panel of the day (that we’re missing) is about “Leveraging Video for Your PR Efforts.”  As a old filmmaker, I understand the power of video in telling a story.  The immediacy of social media has changed the rules in terms of production value, but there is great value in telling stories in pictures, regardless of how highly produced (or not) it is.

The sessions here were pretty good.  The morning started off slow, the afternoon picked up.  Heard some really good things here today and it’s been good to get other people’s perspectives.  Hearing all of this, though, gives me great confidence that the direction we’re going (FH TX, as a group) is the right direction and we will lead the way.  We have much work to do ahead of us, but it’s the right group and we’ve got the right people doing it.  I have no doubt.

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