Friday 4-1-1, Twitter Style #friday411screen

Happy Friday!  2day’s 411 is all about Twitter-  what I’ve tweeted this week, inc. character limit.  like my new #tag? happened accidentally

1. How Popular Is the iPhone, Really? [INFOGRAPHIC] – not every1 has 1 & not every1 loves/wants 1.  For DS, good that 1/4 of US phones R smart.

2.  Word-of-mouth still largely an offline phenomenon – ppl still talk face 2 face. Alot of this happens OOH. DS is great connection.

3.  How 2 build relationships w social content creators -$179/124 rate 4 blogs/tweets. In future, evryone will be creators. DS opp – aggregate/connect.

4.  How Social Media Marketers Can Convert Attention Into Action – um, 1 phrase for you “social media marketers” – digital/interactive signage.

“Uh-huh” – State of LBS & Mktg – great, comprehensive post by 1 of my colleagues here.  Only thing missing here & key-DOOH/IOOH integration/connection.

“Duh” – New App Rewards Shoppers 4 Scanning Barcodes – anothr 1 in the mix.  For iPhone users only (see #1). Confusing 2 consumers? When’s “2 many?”

Thx, as always for reading.  I really appreciate it!  Would love to see this #tag used on Fridays (I know it’s long)!!

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