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I’m speaking at CETW next week.  If you’re in NYC at the conference, let me know.  I’d love to catch up.  My session is called, “Strategy First: Incorporating Digital/Interactive Out Of Home Into Campaign Strategy and it takes place on Thursday 11/11 at 10:30.   Out of the two industry shows this year, I really enjoyed the focus of CETW.  I think DSE focuses more on the technology aspect, and CETW is trying to focus on the audience (consumers) and engagement.  (From what I understand, DSE is trying to shift the focus of their sessions to be more diverse and address elements like audience and engagement.)  Anyway, CETW was nice enough to reach out to me in the Spring and work with me on creating a panel that addresses an agency’s POV on OOH (notice I didn’t say “digital signage.”)  I’ve observed that there haven’t been many agency & brand-friendly panels at these two conferences and as a result, they aren’t attracting many agencies or brands.  I feel like this is a great opportunity for both of these conferences because the reality of OOH as a new, more powerful media channel is right in front of us.  Agencies and brands must understand how technology has impacted the ability to engage consumers outside of their home and all of the possibilities that brings.  And if that were presented from a realistic, practical level – talking about what we (agencies) deal with every day in getting work done for our clients + what we believe the potential of this new medium brings – from people conceiving and doing the actual work, seems like it would provide some much-needed insights from a different, critical POV.  So, that’s what we’re doing.  We’ve got a panel made up of different roles (CMO, Account Planning, Strategy/Execution, & Creative Direction) from different types of agencies (media, advertising, and PR).  It’s designed to be an interactive session, with minimal “formal” presentations.  We’ll give an overview of who we are, where we come from, what we do, and then take turns answering questions that address how we get work done, what we think of “OOH,” its potential, its role, executing it, brand story, our relationships with brands, and the bright, shiny object syndrome.  If nothing else, it will be a fun panel, full of energy and good discussion.

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