Supplier Spotlight: Simbioz

I’m partial to touch screen kiosks, having spent a good portion of my previous life developing solutions for them.  I’m also partial to clean hands.  I’ve got this thing where I try to notice what I’m touching and if/how other people touch it, too.  Bathroom doors are a perfect example.  I don’t touch bathroom doors – I use a paper towel to protect me from the germs.  This is one thing I don’t like about touch screen kiosks.  I’ve ridden in 4-5 cabs a day while I’ve been here and I can see the filth on all of the touch screen monitors.  I use my knuckles, not my fingers, then I promptly wash my hands (and knuckles.)

So, what do I see today?  A touch LESS kiosk, of course.  Brought to you by Simbioz, another EQUIPMENT provider (both hardware and software).

Awesome, right?  The content (which they do not produce – they take existing content from the brand) looks great in their interface, and it’s a flashy one at that.  In the end, it’s just a template that they can place content in, but it’s a well thought-out and a very nice-looking template.

The actual kiosk itself has two cameras mounted in the top corners that detect the user’s movement and controls the screen accordingly.  My inclination was to touch the glass every time, but once I got the feel of how close I needed to be, I controlled it by simply touching the air in front of it.  No nasty film.  No necessary washing hands.  None of that.  Swipe away and be engaged.  I really like this one.

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