Let’s Get Together and Innovate

I just read a great article in Wired on a concept called Crowd Accelerated Innovation (by TED Curator, Chris Anderson). The concept is pretty simple – online video allows us to innovate in ways and frequency that have never been done before.

Video is the key. By watching someone do something – be it dance, cook, or whiteboard – people can learn, grow, and ultimately innovate around said subject/trend/idea. With the sharing of online video today, the reach is profound and the impact can be even more so.

So, it got me thinking about doing some things here, and maybe even as an industry. First, I’m going to post more video here. Purposeful, exploratory video that is intended for nothing else other than to get ideas out there. Maybe it will spark something in someone watching and they’ll be able to build on it (and make it stronger) and/or apply it for themselves.

Second, I’d love to open up this forum for any questions/ideas/trends that you might want me to explore. I will explore them in the form of video and hopefully get some other people in the industry addressing them in the same format, too.

Online video, and the content within, can make possible rapid innovation via the “crowd,” now more than ever. And who knows how it will progress. So, for now, let’s see if we can get together and do some innovating ourselves. What do you say?

I’m open to any and all suggestions. And please, if you have anything you’d like me to try to put my brain around, just leave me a comment here and we’ll get this thing started!

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