Solid (QR Code) Extension for a Solid Brand

Although one of my New Year’s resolutions was to cool it on the QR code posts, I saw something in the most recent edition of Wired that caught my eye.

Tag Heuer QR code ad

Tag Heuer dipping their toes in the QR code water. My first reaction was a little bit surprised. This was the first time I’d seen a luxury brand utilize this type of technology. So, of course, I snapped the code and was taken to their mobile site:

There, I found a solid mobile-enabled/optimized experience, complete with image galleries, specs, videos, social & e-commerce hooks, as well as an option to stay updated via email.

No holes.

The interesting thing here was my expectation, both in the offline and the online worlds. In the offline world (the magazine ad), I didn’t expect a brand like Tag Heuer to use this type of technology. They have a loyal customer base, the brand speaks for itself, and since it isn’t exactly an impulse-shopping brand (for the majority of consumers), it doesn’t seem like they need to worry about connecting with people through this on-the-go, convenient technology.

But, you see, once I engaged, in the online world (where I was directed once I scanned the code), I expected the brand to deliver a top-notch experience, one reflective of their brand. And they did.

Here’s my takeaway – with new technologies emerging in and out of the home every day, consumer expectation is changing just as rapidly. It’s no longer a matter of whether or not brands use technologies like this to connect, it’s a matter of how they use technologies like this to connect.

Tag has a solid handle on their brand and as a result, any channel they use to extend their experience is going to be a benefit because they’re meeting expectations on the how.

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