Walgreens Digital Sign

Walgreen’s Digital Sign is a Connector

Dear Walgreens,

Thank you for using digital signage to connect me deeper with your brand. There I was stopped at a stop light and I looked over and saw your call-to-action. Then, in 7 seconds it was gone. But not to worry. I pulled in your parking lot just to get another glance at it. And while I didn’t need to go into your store, I sat there, in the parking lot, waiting for the CTA to come back. I learned about flu shots and 99 cent eggs and other random deals, and then I saw it again.

Walgreens Digital Sign

“Text APP to 21525 to get our free app”

Just that simple.

Now, I have exactly what the digital sign regularly says right in my own pocket. Plus barcode scanning prescription refills, photo niceties, and a store locator. Not to mention, text updates if I want them. I am truly connected.

I know, I know. You need content, or in this case an actual app to drive me to – to connect me – but you also know that they’re both important components in your engagement ecosystem. And because of this, you create them and utilize them. And you utilize the other components in your ecosystem – like the digital sign – to drive to them. You see the digital sign as a connector. And the app and texts as the engagement. Light engagement, yes, but enough to bring me into your store to buy stuff. And quite probably repeatedly. Well played.

I think many can learn from you and your ability to see the digital sign as a starting point and not an ending point. The experience can actually go deeper than the run-in with the digital sign. I know mine did.

Thanks for putting it out there big and bold, in your majestic red lights for all to see. Thanks for turning an otherwise digital-only sign into an interactive-enabling sign. It was a simple thing, but you did good.

Nice work.

I look forward to the experience.

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