Cinematographers Make Great

How many cinematographers can you name off the top of your head?

What about actors? Directors?

If you’re like me, there aren’t any cinematographers who come to mind like Clint Eastwood does. Or Jeff Bridges or Robert Downey, Jr. or Nicole Kidman. The Coen Brothers or Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. I could go on and on with actors and directors, but not with cinematographers.

It’s a shame because cinematographers hold the key to their success. You can be the greatest actress in the world, but if you don’t have a good cinemetographer, they’ll never catch that moment. The audience won’t see the eyes and where you’re going. They won’t see the dispair or the joy in that simple look.

Cinematographers have the ability to make a performance sing. They can make it memorable or forgettable. It’s quite a responsibility. And opportunity, really.

Think about your organization and/or your team. How many actors and directors do you have? What about cinematographers?

Everyone has a role, but just like movies and shows, the cinematographer is key to the difference between good and great. Who’s your cinematographer?

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