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I had a chance to meet Phil Cohen at DSE and sat down with him for one of his Cohen on Content interviews. Here is mine.

I don’t think I did a great job of explaining the convergence of “out-of-home” and content with my current agency. Since I work for a PR firm – although I think it’s the most progressive, digitally-saavy PR firm in the world – we don’t deal with traditional “digital” out-of-home and certainly not with networks. But where I’ve found incredible opportunity, particularly with the proliferation of mobile devices, is being able to turn on the things around us (cars, posters, etc.), that we use in events that we concept and support. We take a very grassroots approach to interactive out-of-home.

And the story that I was going to tell was how we basically turned a car (a thing in the real-world) into a virtual scrapbook that allowed everyone who came into contact with it to not only consume content, but create and add their own content to it. In today’s social world, brands don’t need to create all of the content themselves. Consumers are creating content themselves and sharing with their networks. This is a treasure trove of content that brands can tap into.

For anyone putting together a content and/or engagement strategy, regardless of channel/screen, consider social content. It is powerful, effective, and for the most part, free.

Aside from that, I just wish someone would have told me to look at the camera more.

2 thoughts on “My Debut on Cohen on Content

  1. Paul Flanigan

    Mike, you did great. This (like all other arenas) is a conversation. It’s not meant to be perfect. If it was, you would look like you were pitching something.

    And the fact that you make the effort to try and explain how you see the convergence of these channels is terrific. Everyone sees it a little different, and you’re bringing social media to digital signage in a big way.

    Great job, Mike.

  2. Mike Cearley Post author

    Thanks Paul. Appreciate your words. Just want to do what I can to make this a viable and valuable channel to brands, marketers, and communicators alike. It can be done and we’re on the forefront. Need to always push though. Hope all is well!

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