Supplier Spotlight – NanoLumens

I usually don’t get excited about any sort of digital signage hardware, but that changed when I stopped by the NanoLumens booth at DSE. Upon first glance, it was just another huge screen, displaying high-definition video & images. Cool, but nothing too special (at least for me – I mean, I kind of expect big displays out of digital signage, especially at a tradeshow).

How I was wrong.

The size isn’t really what makes this solution special, although it is one of its selling points (more on that in a bit). What really makes it special is its weight and flexibility. That’s right – flexibility. That big screen bends.

I immediately thought of Esquire’s e-ink cover in 2008 on steroids. But although the Esquire cover was novel, it was completely underwhelming. This NanoLumens display is anything but. It’s quite awesome, actually. It really puts into perspective what’s possible, on this scale, in terms of flexibility.

The sign is a mosaic of LED-powered squares and it’s those squares (7”x3.5”) that give it the pliability it needs to fit on convex and concave surfaces. The fact that it conforms to these surfaces and actually looks like it’s part of the environment is a huge benefit, in my opinion. The more something looks like it was meant to be there, the more attention it will get. And the screen is such that if you want to put it on a boring flat surface, it can easily fit there, too.

Easily is the operative word. Another key benefit to this screen is its light weight. They had this 100+” screen in their booth on a swivel mount and the ease in which they turned the screen – a true reflection of its weight – was remarkable. It was effortless. The real-world benefit of this can’t be overlooked. Imagine hanging one of these huge screens on any surface, high above the ground vs. a standard 100+” screen – not having done this, I can only image that the strain and equipment to actually do that would easily be cut in half by this NanoLumens display.

See how thin it is, too? (that’s taken from the side)

And Its design – those small squares – also allow it to be customized to any size and shape. Circle, square, triangle – doesn’t matter. They can do it.

If all that weren’t enough, here’s some more (taken off their website). The displays are:

  • Robust and durable – they’re sealed and fanless, waterproof and dustproof;
  • And energy-conscious – drawing about the same power as a coffee-maker.

And they couldn’t have nicer guys on the front lines, telling people about this product. Great product + good people = success.

This is truly NOT a one-size-fits-all sign, in every possible aspect.

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