5 thoughts on “The Evolution of OOH – Pt. 1 (Calling for 3.0!)

  1. Peter Wood

    Mike. Hello.

    3.0 OOH has to be updatable on line.
    No more going out to the sign and sticking a new one up. This is beginning to happen. Dallas for example is considering allowing Digital Billboards on the streets.

    4.0 is when the signs are sold as part of the day. So for example McDonald’s has it for breakfast with an offer. Then maybe a Mall takes it over just before Lunch. A hospital group in the afternoon. A cereal company at pick up from school time and maybe Exxon as people are on their way home.

    Try to figure it out at time of day, time of buy.
    Then how does this all interact with mobil and so on?

    Some thoughts.
    Cheers. Peter.

  2. Mike Cearley Post author

    Thanks for the reply, Peter.

    I definitely think that delivering smarter messages/ads is a characteristic of 3.0. Although I think they must be delivered in a more unique way than they currently are. I just wrote a follow-up post to this and in the future, I’ll be exploring this idea more:


    Would love to have your thoughts along the way.

    Thanks again,

  3. Ana Udrea

    Hi Mike! I think the 3.0 OOH should involve interaction. Like customers’ tweets or check-ins displayed on digital screens, or QR codes on posters.

  4. Mike Cearley Post author

    Yes, exactly. Interaction is key to the next generation. Thanks for your thoughts!

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