Why I’m Crazy about Fluevog’s QR Code Experience

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It’s as if the QR code gods are getting into the April Foolsery against me this year. As soon as I make a pact with myself about cooling it on the QR codes, they dangle another carrot in my face, and I just can’t let it go.

I see a QR code when I’m out and about and I have to check it out (drives my wife crazy) and especially as of late, I likely write about it. And it seems like I’ve been writing about them a lot. I think this frequency is actually an indication that they are infiltrating our surroundings more and more, which, to me, is exciting.

As long as they’re creating an experience and uncovering value that wouldn’t have otherwise been there.

Slowly but surely, I see better experiences behind the codes emerging more and more, too.

Such is the case here, with one of my favorite brands – shoemaker John Fluevog.

They’ve placed a QR code on the insole of one of their new shoes.

John Fluevog QR Code Shoe

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think this is great. It’s an easy, smart placement. It’s personal. Not intended for anyone other than the individual shoe-shopper or shoe-buyer. And the content it unlocks is a little treat. Go ahead, try it yourself. Scan the code.

Fluevog QR Code Shoe

If you don’t know what to do, search for the ScanLife or NeoReader application on your phone. If you don’t have either one of those, search for a QR code reader. To make the experience easier, this is what you’ll get. A video of exactly how the shoe was made.

Although it’s a little long, it’s fascinating. I really enjoyed it. Even to someone who didn’t buy those shoes, it provides real value to me in that:

1. It is insightful – I have never seen how shoes – much less handmade shoes like this – are made. This video showed me all of the raw materials, and the process, and even the hands that crafted these shoes. It automatically made me feel closer to the product.
2. It is personal – there’s something about putting something on the insole of your shoe. It’s like keeping something in your hat, like a picture or something personal like that. Not that I have ever done that, but it’s the same idea. It just screams, this belongs to ME.
3. It is meaningful – another way to say this is, it’s in the right context. A video about the shoes you’re about to buy/just bought is a natural extension of the purchase. It means something to get behind-the-scenes access that close to a product.
4. It is on-brand – it’s easy to direct consumers to any ol’ information about your brand and call it a day. That’s what most brands do with these codes right now. Fluevog is a unique, niche brand, one that prides itself on their custom product. So, it makes a lot of sense to give consumers/your fans something that is directly in line with those attributes. The video, itself, is simple – no fuss, no muss – but the concept shows the custom attention that the brand stands for.

It all equates to a smart experience. And smart experiences are not confined to specific screens. They’re screen-agnostic.

So, when you’re thinking about creating an experience that involves your product and your content, I think you can learn something from Fluevog. And as they’ve shown, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Do you think I’m crazy? To be excited about a QR code execution on the insole of a shoe?

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