A Year and a Half and I’m Still G(r)o(w)ing

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That’s right. It’s been a year and a half here at 11th Screen. And I’m still going. And growing.

This has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, professionally. Not only is it a creative outlet for me, it has opened up doors that I never anticipated. I’ve spoken on panels and I’m on boards and I’ve gotten various articles published – all of which would never have happened without this platform.

And the connections. I can ‘t say enough about the connections. I’ve met so many nice, smart, influential people in and outside of this specific industry. It’s humbling, really, to think this blog has enabled me to connect with all of them.

And there’s you, the readers, who make it incredibly comforting to know there’s someone on the other end who gets something from all of these thoughts and words. I really try to push myself, with every post, to make it worth your while. I can’t say how much I appreciate your readership and your comments.

I look forward to another year and a half and all of the exploring and growing that comes along with it.

Thank each and every one of you, again, and I hope you have a safe holiday weekend.

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