How Coke Keeps it (Real) Personal…Again

It’s no surprise to find Coke doing something else to engage people on a deep and meaningful level. This time, it’s with personalized Coke bottles, complete with a personalized song. And when I’m talking personalized, I’m talking about down to your name.

Michael's Personalized Coke

They have printed 150 different names on Coke bottles on sale across Australia and for those who have a more unique name, one that falls outside of the 150, there is an opportunity for them to create their own label, in-store. They’ve extended this initiative to their social channels (Facebook page):

Coke Australia Facebook Page

And broadcast advertising:

It sure is easy to get caught up in all this technology swirling around us, in and outside of our homes, but the simple truth of the matter is that people want personal. If you want to create engagement with people, start there, at that one simple truth. Forget about mobile, social, digital signage, tablet, yadda, yadda, yadda. And simply think about what drives people.

“Personal” will probably rise to the top every single time.

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