A Simple Word About Team

You can only hope to build a team who appreciates what team is about. Who knows that they only have to be their best selves to contribute. Who see the strengths in others around them. Who knows their day to shine will come as long as they push for greatness every single moment. Who believe in a common cause. And will do whatever they can to achieve it. Who has each others’ backs. Who genuinely likes each other. And holds each other accountable. On their terms. In their way. Outside of being told what or how to do it.

Teams work together to work. To solve problems. To function. To make greatness.

Teams can function when any one person leaves because the team is not about one person. It’s about the whole.

When your team can function (even thrive) in that scenario, know that you have an excellent team. Relish in it. It’s special.

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