Not Easy

At the halfway point in the year, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a more challenging half of a year. It has been one filled with great transition, great sacrifice, great opportunity, and great fulfillment. Funny how all of those are typically always entwined. Nothing is easy, at least when you want something so bad. I’m not talking about a client, or a particular job, or a title. I’m talking about being your best self.

In the face of so much transition, so much adversity, so much overwhelmingness, it’s easy to lose perspective. It’s easy to lose who you are. That’s the challenge. Not the work, not the responsibilities, not anything like that. It’s resisting the urge to cut corners, to do what’s easiest or most well-received, to be guided by the wrong things, to compromise your core.

This is not easy.

But it is the way it must be done. If you want it bad enough.

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