My mom refers to times in our lives as “seasons.”

“This is a busy season,” she’d say. Or a “challenging season,” or a “blessed season.” You get the idea.

I’ve always liked the concept of seasons. Because, just as seasons change, so do times in our lives. Seasons only last for a period of time, so do times in our lives. Seasons are also beautiful periods of time and despite how difficult one might be, their beauty is always present. Summer will always be about sunshine and the beach for me. Fall is all about festivals and apple picking. Those things never go away, regardless of my well-being in them.

Know that there is beauty in every season. It is meant to be soaked up. It’s also merely a blip in time. It’s tough and it’s good. Sometime both. Sometimes actually neither.

No matter what, though, the next one is around the corner.

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