Reflections – Be Cool. Stay Calm. Breathe.

I’m reflecting on last year, which was a doozy in all senses of the word. Good and challenging. Fulfilling and full of fires. I learned a lot. I made mistakes. And I got some things right. Upon reflection, here’s a key takeaway:

Be cool. Stay calm. Breathe.

Fires rare up all the time. Problems are flying in your face every time you look up. Decisions need to be made at top speed. This person is yelling about this and that person did something wrong. It goes on and on and on and on and on. This is the way of life, though. Something would be wrong if it weren’t this way. So, you’ve got to know this going into any situation. Any day. Any moment. It’s just going to be crazy on multiple levels.

You can either get caught up in all of it or rise above it. Keep your cool. Don’t over-react. Breathe. Like really breathe. Purposefully. Don’t focus on anything other than taking a few breaths. Being purposeful about these things in all of those situations really makes a difference.┬áSometimes you have to slow everything down around you. And these are 3 ways that you can do that.