The Two Different Agency Camps

There are the talkers. And there are the doers.

They are quite different camps.

Sometimes, the doers need the talkers. But in the business of delivery, the talkers always need the doers.

The talkers are always out in front. They like to talk. The appearance. The brand. Their value comes in the form of connections and often times, authority. They feed off of attention. The best ones are quite charming.

The doers, on the other hand, operate in the background. They like to do. The focus. The crafting. They feed off of work. Their value comes in the form of delivery. The best ones can do a lot in the period of time they have and at a high quality. Machines.

The main difference, at the core, is focus and, for a lot of people, comfort. There is a distinct difference between the focus on the word and focus on the work.

There is an evolution over ones’ career. As you find yourself going through that evolution – and it will probably happen multiple times – you must ask yourself where you want your focus. That will determine what camp you will find yourself in.

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