My pseudo-bio is below. But I thought I’d give you a list of 10 things you wouldn’t otherwise know about me. That’s much more fun than the standard.

1. At least 4 out of the 5 weekdays, I iron something. Button downs, sweaters, jeans, t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts. I am wrinkle-free.

2. I’m a DIY’er. Painting and tiling, yes. But I’ve put a patio in our backyard and most recently, the thing I’m most proud of is built-ins for a surround sound system.

3. I have played Fantasy Football for 10 years now. In that time, I’ve been in 20 leagues. In 12 of them, I’ve ranked in the top 3. And 7 of those times, I have been League Champion. Not too shabby.

4. I grew up knowing both sets of my grandparents. I am blessed.

5. I moved to NYC in August 2001, 3 weeks before 9/11. My wife and I stayed there until 2005 when we had our daughter. That’s the only time I’ve lived outside of Texas.

6. I am addicted to reality cooking shows. Top Chef, Iron Chef America, Chopped, even Cupcake Wars. You name it, I probably watch it.

7. In college, I was in a children’s play that toured St. Petersburg and Moscow. I danced in Red Square and on a frozen Black Sea.

8. I usually eat a bowl of cereal at night before I go to bed.

9. My mom and dad have spent their careers in public schools. They are both excellent at what they do. They have changed lives. I am proud of them.

10. I’ve written countless screenplays, a few plays, a couple of books and many short stories. I haven’t tried to sell any of them.

Now, to the less interesting stuff….

Hi there. First and foremost, I’m a husband and dad of 3 (daughter and twin boys), both of which are the priorities in my life. I have a diverse career background, having grown up writing and making films, trying to become the next Kevin Smith or Ed Burns. While I never got financing to make any of the films, I was immersed in the industry, and more importantly, immersed in creative writing. The writing and to a large extent, the ‘producing’ aspect has been a constant thread in the journey of my career.  It has enabled me to wear many different hats and contribute to organizations in various ways.

I have spent the last number of years working to develop solutions to be used outside of the home (OOH) on devices that people don’t have to own, which is the focus of this blog. It is a passion of mine and one that I am excited to talk about. I feel like I have valuable thoughts to share, based on my experiences and what I learn everyday. That being said, I understand that the landscape is evolving every day and I have much to learn. Hopefully, this forum will be a conduit by which valuable information is shared, not only by me, but with me.

I encourage you to share with me as I expect to do with you.  Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Reading!

(I am currently a Partner for Fleishman-Hillard, leading their Social Practice Group, in the Southwest Region.)

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