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Diesel Uses QR Codes to Connect People

11th Screen | The Interactive Out-of-Home Blog

Enabling technologies like QR codes have the ability to drive deeper brand experiences. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many poor QR code executions over the past 1.5 years. As brands have experimented or observed what’s worked and what hasn’t, they’re starting to develop smarter, more effective executions (see Macy’s Backstage Pass campaign.)

Now, Diesel is doing something nice with QR codes. Not only are they using them to drive deeper brand experiences (which is really the byproduct of using any enabling technology – it’s really in how effective brands are and how deep they go in using them), they’re using them to connect people through a shared passion – fashion.

Good video, by the way. I think they do a great job telling a story, so their payoff – with the QR codes – makes a lot of sense.

There are a fair amount of shoppers out there, specifically those who I would imagine are Diesel shoppers, who like to tell other people what kind of clothes they like and/or purchase. For them, fashion sparks good, solid conversation. Here, Diesel is giving their customers an easy opportunity to start and/or engage in that conversation, centered around their brand (which could be a good or a bad thing.)

The virtual catalogue feature in the experience is a nice addition and the only feature that can actually drive additional sales. But to me, this is more of a connection play. And Diesel is smart enough to recognize how easy that can really be through QR codes.

Smart execution. And it’s important to remember that the technology merely enables the experience. The experience is the thing. Here, it’s the connection. The extended shopping. The conversation. There’s meat there. Not just a website.