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Honda “Syncs” With Consumers in This Unpredictable Life

Honda The Power of Dreams

I just wrote about a new technology called Sync that can “sync” two different devices with each other based on audio and can serve up customized experiences.

Today, I see that Honda has utilized this new technology, too. They just released a new commercial (“This Unpredictable Life”) and iPhone app (Honda Jazz) that can interact with it. First, the commercial:

And then the iPhone app:

They’re calling this “screen hopping technology,” but from what I can gather, it’s based on the same concept as the Sync technology that Grey’s Anatomy uses in their iPad app.

My takeaways from this – Honda is one of those brands that understands their brand(s), their stories, and their channels. They’ve always done a great job at connecting with consumers in unique and meaningful ways. Across many channels. Here is just another example.

And Apple continues to lead the way. Attention DOOH Networks: get a creative mind (preferably a storyteller) and an application programmer and let them come up with the best way to integrate with the other content in your network. I know it’s not that easy, but it seems like those two roles are becoming more and more essential each day.