OK Go Uses the Streets of LA as a Canvas to Make Geo-Art

The crazy kids of OK Go (the guys who did the treadmill dance) are at it again.  This time, putting their creative skills to test and helping Range Rover launch a new car at the LA Auto Show today.

OK Go continue their adventures in musical innovation, collaborating with Range Rover in the Evoque Pulse of the City project to create an amazing, geo-mapping, street parade in celebration of their home city, Los Angeles.

The band are going to take to the streets with their instruments and, with the help of GPS technology and the Pulse of the City app, will make a giant geo-art OK Go sign, literally branding themselves into the fabric of the city streets.

But that’s just the beginning. Because once it’s done you’re going to get involved too, with your own streets in your own city and your own designs, using the same technology to write, draw, dance and scream out loud the things you want to tell the world about the place you live and love. When that’s done the band will pick the best ones to accompany an exclusive video launching in January 2011.

Keep track of OK Go on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to find out more details about the event.

As they say themselves, “The idea is that we are using the world as our palette and our GPS devices (mobile) as our brush.”

See, this is another perfect example of the “new” OOH.  “Screens” are all around us and technology enables the real world to switch “on.”  Brands are slowly but surely seeing this opportunity, coupled with ideas of super creative people, and starting to experiment with this always-on trend outside of the 4 walls of someone’s home.

I couldn’t help but share my favorite OK Go video, although after today, I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite.  For now, this one is awesome:

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