Realtors Selling the House with QR Codes

Realtor QR Code

March might as well be QR Code Month here at 11th Screen. I just can’t escape them. There I was at my neices’ and nephew’s birthday celebration, in Suburbia, USA, and what do I see on the For Sale sign across the street? That’s right, a big, fat QR code in place of the standard floor plan/housing sale sheet.

Realtor QR Code

Have QR codes really made it into suburbia? And I’m not talking about geography.

This was fascinating to me.

This realtor is banking on the fact that the general house-hunter knows a) what QR codes are and b) how to use them. Enough to literally sell the house.

Here’s the thing – I get it.

I get the fact that house hunters are always out and about, carrying the one digital device that can give them information in this way, and with every passing day, more and more comfortable in knowing how to get the most out of it.

I get the efficiency of it all.

I get the notion of connecting them directly to the house information they want instead of wasting all that paper, which ends up wadded up in the car anyway.

But do they, the general suburban house hunter?


5 thoughts on “Realtors Selling the House with QR Codes



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  2. Steven Davis

    QR codes make sense when used properly.

    Our product is for realtors, with ready made rider art, ability to track the number of scans and the best part, our codes are reusable after you sell the house…put the code in front of your next listing. We provide a free QR code reading app for both iPhone and Android which has awesome functionality with being able to email, text or call the agent with one click…Auto saves all scans for later viewing. Very very low lost – check it out!

  3. For Sale By Owner

    Its funny how people are obsessed with QR Codes.. I dont think that the average person understands what it is. I know there’s a big market that does… but not everyone has a smart phone, especially older people.

    Its hip.. but not the smartest way to show the property in my opinion… Great post. I was just researching qr codes and found your site.

  4. Mike Cearley Post author

    Hi there-

    Thanks for reading and your comments. I think that QR codes are one of the new, shiny objects that brands/marketers/businesses want to experiment with more and more, and rightfully so – they are super-easy to create/produce and they do a wonderful job of instantly bridging the real world with the virtual world, even more than a URL. I always use my wife as a gauge on emerging technologies like this – if she knows about it, what it is and how she can use it, then that’s a pretty good indication that the “average” consumer does. With QR codes, she recently told me, “those are the things that you take a picture with on your smartphone and it serves up content.” Pretty good. We see them popping up more and more everyday, so I think the public is getting more familiar with them. The real thing plaguing QR codes right now is the actual execution. Brands/marketers/businesses, for the most part, don’t really think about content that they’re driving the users to, which in turn creates a less-than-desirable experience. If the public associates bad experiences with QR codes, they will quickly stop using them.

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